Panda Pattern Sale!

Google tells me that today is National Panda Day! To celebrate, my Secret Panda Box pattern is 50% off! No code necessary.

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  1. Hi Julia, I purchased The Secret Panda Box pattern, about a year ago. Just getting around to beading this lil’ guy. But, I did a real dumb thing. I didn’t print the pattern with the bead counts with which bead color to use. I need the graphics instructions. I started doing the pattern yesterday from directions that give me ie: row 6 to 32, brut with no mention of color. I checked my files and I don’t have it. Is there a way you can pdf me the instructions with color, counts etc. please check your customer files for my information: Jacqueline D. meadows, 1372 Lestina Beach Road, Bridgeport, NY 13030 Tel: 315-289-3126.
    I greatly appreciate your help, Jackie Meadows, soon to be Mrs.DeLap😊

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