I Messed Up Sale!

It turns out that I did not announce my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on the blog last week, and I heard about it from a few of you, so we’re going to do it again!
Now through Monday (12/5) save 25% on all patterns. Just use the code AGAIN in your cart or at checkout.

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  1. Hello Julia,
    Thank you for sharing! I am working on the pyramid box now and am having a bit of struggle with the inner column and hem. I made it through row 39, then wasn’t sure whether to step up to begin inner column.I suppose I always have had bit of a question when it comes to the hem. I just seem stuck. I could be old age , it isn’t inexperience, I have made a couple of dozen beaded boxes! Any suggestions or videos on hems would be so appreciated!
    Thank you, Mitzi

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